We Global Football World Cup Qualifiers Trackers



Download World Cup Trackers!!!

We Global Football is excited to announce the release of our World Cup Qualifiers package 100% free! You can download a tracker for any or all of the six confederations that are competing for a spot in the 2014 World Cup. These are available either on theĀ Downloads page or at the top and bottom of this post.

Although many matches have been played already, there are still many months ahead until the final 32 teams are decided.

The trackers bring World Cup qualification to your fingertips. Every tracker contains groups and standings, as well as upcoming matches. Macros must be enabled for the trackers to work properly. They are all 100% safe. All you need to do is enter scores once they become final, click the sort button at the top of the sheet, and new standings will be populated. In the case of UEFA, the second place tab will contain the calculations for the 8 teams that will go into the deciding play-off.

Each download also contains a corresponding font file which is unique to each sheet. The font file must be saved in C:\WINDOWS\Fonts … Make sure to restart all Microsoft Office software after the file is copied.

We have added a brand new feature to the trackers this year. In addition to calculating standings, you can also use the WGF rankings to project the final standings using the “Project” button at the top. Press the “Clear” button to remove all incomplete games. These worksheets are directly linked to the rankings on our homepage. Each time you open one of the tracker sheets, it will automatically update the rankings to the current standings. What this means is that after games are completed and rankings are updated, the final projections will change.



These worksheets all lead up to the Projected World Cup sheet. You will need to edit links and point to where you have the trackers saved. Click the “Sort” button on the “Pools” tab. Then go and click Project World Cup groups as many times as you want. The best way to do this is to keep the individual trackers open, project the standings, and then run the final sheet.



If you have any questions about the trackers, please email us at info@weglobalfootball.com or reach out to us on Twitter @we_global. We are excited to bring you these trackers after many years of internal development. Enjoy!


Download World Cup Trackers!!!