AFC Challenge Cup Group B – Matchday 1


Team GD
Kyrgyzstan +1
Tajikistan +1
Pakistan -1
Macau -1


Matchday 1 was ever so close to being exactly what we had predicted only a few days
ago. We had projected Tajikistan and Pakistan to draw and Kyrgyzstan to top Macau.
This appeared to be a lock until captain Makhmudov struck in the 89th to give Tajikistan
all three points and sent Pakistan supporters worldwide searching for beers to help ease
the pain.

Kyrgyzstan did claim all three points against Macau, but failed to impress in doing so.
There is much cause for concern for the Kyrgyz going forward as they only beat Macau
by a 1-0 score line. This certainly will not help them in the goal differential category.

Although Pakistan may have suffered late heartbreak today, there is still hope. They
need to win the next two matches and need to really pile it on Macau to have a shot
at advancing through the second place table. Anything less than two wins and a goal
differential of +5 will see them eliminated. That, of course, assumes Tajikistan takes care
of business going forward.

Upcoming Fixtures:

Macau v Tajikistan
Kyrgyzstan v Pakistan

Kyrgyzstan climbed 29 spots to 172 after an unconvincing 1-0 win over Macau. Pakistan
fans do not be alarmed. This movement is entirely due to lack of games played. It’s very
difficult to get a read on a team that doesn’t play. Matchday 2 will see them play #173
Pakistan in an absolutely crucial match. We Global has Kyrgyzstan winning by 0.78
goals, but 0.75 of that is solely due to home field advantage. This match is literally wide
open and will determine how the group will finish.

Tajikistan shouldn’t have any problem with Macau. We Global has them winning
comfortably by a margin of at least 2 goals. This result will see them remain atop the
group and should cruise to Maldives 2014.

AFC Correspondent

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