Beat the Predictor, Win a FREE shirt!!



We are proud to introduce our new competition, Beat the Predictor.  We cannot express how much we appreciate our fan base, and we want to offer the opportunity to reward you with our merchandise, for free.  Beat the Predictor is a competition which we will provide fans the opportunity to win a free shirt.



1. You must follow @We_Global on Twitter.

2. You must retweet ANY post promoting the Beat the Predictor competition.  You only need to do this once.   You do not need to retweet us multiple times.

3. We have predictions for every international match listed at  Make a pick against our predictor by using the hashtag #weglobal.  Ex. In the 5/22/2013 friendly, we are predicting a draw between Oman and Iran.  Send a tweet to us with the hashtag #weglobal with your pick, which would be anything but a draw between Oman and Iran.  Something like this… “@We_Global Oman to win over Iran #weglobal”.  If Oman wins, you win.

4. Your picks MUST be DIFFERENT than our pick, but you can pick games at your leisure.  If you agree with our pick, don’t pick the game!

5. If we pick a team to win, you pick the other team to win, and the result is a draw, it is considered a LOSS.  You must get the pick correct to win.

6. You CANNOT pick a new game until your current pick has ended.  This usually is not an issue, but just ensures you cannot make multiple selections at the same time during busy match days.



So now you are thinking to yourself that these rules are pretty simple.  But how do you win?

1. When you have satisfied the conditions above, you are eligible to WIN!

2. Every game picked correct against our predictor is a WIN.  IF YOU PICK 6 GAMES CORRECT IN A ROW, YOU WIN A T-SHIRT OF YOUR CHOICE FROM WE GLOBAL FOOTBALL!!

3. When you win, we will provide you a One-Time Use promo code to use in our store.  It will reduce the cost of the shirt to $0.  The only thing you will pay is the shipping.

4. There is no limit to the amount of times you can enter.  If you pick a game that doesn’t win, just pick again!  Your streak will be set back to 0, but you can keep picking as many times as you’d like.  We will keep track of your streak, hoping that you win!


*** Please note that we reserve the right to change the rules of this contest at any time. ***


We currently have T-Shirts available for the following nations:

Ivory Coast


If you would like a shirt for a country not listed here, let us know.  We can create a design and see if it suits your needs.

We are looking forward to running this competition and hope you enjoy it!  Here is a preview of the shirts you can win: