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63 Matches, 1 Day – 3/5/2014

Asian Cup

There are 9 Asian Cup Qualifiers being played tomorrow, and 2 more teams will punch their ticket to Australia 2015. The winner of the 2015 Asian Cup will represent the AFC in the 2017 Confederations Cup. If things shake out as we expect, (and let’s be honest, when have we predicted anything incorrectly), we think both Iraq and China advance despite playing against each other in Dubai. An Iraq win will send them through, while a win or draw will be enough for China.

Nobody else in contention for 3rd place has a great chance of winning their match other than Malaysia. Hong Kong and maybe Lebanon could also find some points, but it will be a tough go of it on the road. Malaysia, however, is one to watch. They’ll battle Yemen, who is on a 17 game losing streak. That’s correct. 17 in a row. Malaysia will need to pour in the goals, however, and need some help from China. Yemen doesn’t win, but they also don’t concede a ton of goals. In the end, we think both China and Iraq advance.


Friendlies make up a bulk of the action on Wednesday. By our count, there are 54 of them all over the globe. This is the final international matchday before the World Cup, so it is unlikely we see this many games in 1 day for quite some time. You can check out all of our Predictions on our Predictions Page.

What is also exciting is that we don’t predict a ton of blowouts. We only have 3 matches (Burkina Faso-Comoros, Colombia-Tunisia, Russia-Armenia) where the projected winner has a margin of 4. Everything else is 3 or less. It should make for quite the excitement. The good news is that we are going to be held accountable. We are participating in The Roon Ba’s World League of Rankings competition. While we’d be thrilled to finish in the medals, clearly beating ESPN’s Soccer Power Index is our biggest goal.

ESPN paraded Nate Silver on TV during the World Cup draw, and the guy could barely get his words out. There’s a reason that some bloggers sit behind a computer. ESPN bought this guy for more money than most of us will make in a lifetime, and it would be great to take down his Soccer Power Index, which has no accolades other than the man it was created by. We’ll be waiting with anticipation to see how WGF stacks up.


Of the rest, we don’t have any matchups between Top 10 teams, but Ukraine-USA is a matchup of Top 11 teams. Given that this one will now be played (if it is) at a neutral venue, this is our highest rated matchup of the day. We give Ukraine a slight edge, but ultimately think it ends in a draw. Our lowest ranked matchup is the previously mentioned Yemen v. Malaysia. Both of these teams are outside of our Top 170.

Another exciting matchup will be Kosovo v. Haiti, as this will be the first match against another country since 2007. We have no data on Kosovo, so we have no idea how this will go. Should be interesting. Some other notable matches include Germany v. Chile, Netherlands v. France, Romania v. Argentina, and the largely overblown rematch of the EURO 2012 final, Spain v. Italy. Belgium v. Ivory Coast, Switzerland v. Croatia, and Mexico v. Nigeria round out the slate of quality matches.


We look forward to this exciting day of football, and we hope you do as well. Thanks for reading.

The full list of matches with start times. All times Eastern Standard Time:


Time Home Away Neutral (Y/N) Competition
05:40 Japan New Zealand No Friendly
07:00 Uzbekistan United Arab Emirates No Asian Cup Qualifier
07:30 India Bangladesh No Friendly
07:30 Malawi Zimbabwe No Friendly
08:30 Burundi Rwanda No Friendly
08:30 Oman Singapore No Asian Cup Qualifier
09:00 Georgia Liechtenstein No Friendly
09:00 Iran Guinea No Friendly
09:00 Kosovo Haiti No Friendly
09:00 Russia Armenia No Friendly
09:00 Jordan Syria No Asian Cup Qualifier
09:00 Thailand Lebanon No Asian Cup Qualifier
09:00 Iraq China PR Yes Asian Cup Qualifier
09:00 Yemen Malaysia Yes Asian Cup Qualifier
09:00 Vietnam Hong Kong No Asian Cup Qualifier
09:30 Zambia Uganda No Friendly
10:00 Azerbaijan Philippines Yes Friendly
10:00 Lithuania Kazakhstan Yes Friendly
10:25 Qatar Bahrain No Asian Cup Qualifier
10:45 Bulgaria Belarus No Friendly
11:00 Burkina Faso Comoros Yes Friendly
11:00 Mauritania Niger No Friendly
12:00 Albania Malta No Friendly
12:00 Algeria Slovenia No Friendly
12:00 Greece Korea Republic No Friendly
12:00 Hungary Finland No Friendly
12:00 Montenegro Ghana No Friendly
12:00 Mozambique Angola No Friendly
12:00 South Africa Brazil No Friendly
12:00 Sudan Kenya No Friendly
12:30 Bosnia-Herzegovina Egypt Yes Friendly
12:30 Czech Republic Norway No Friendly
12:30 Israel Slovakia No Friendly
12:30 Saudi Arabia Indonesia No Asian Cup Qualifier
13:00 Andorra Moldova No Friendly
13:00 Botswana South Sudan No Friendly
13:00 Colombia Tunisia Yes Friendly
13:00 Cyprus Northern Ireland No Friendly
13:00 FYR Macedonia Latvia No Friendly
13:00 Namibia Tanzania No Friendly
13:00 Senegal Mali Yes Friendly
13:30 Luxembourg Cape Verde Islands No Friendly
13:30 Turkey Sweden No Friendly
14:00 Gibraltar Estonia No Friendly
14:00 Morocco Gabon No Friendly
14:00 Romania Argentina No Friendly
14:00 Ukraine USA Yes Friendly
14:30 Austria Uruguay No Friendly
14:30 Switzerland Croatia No Friendly
14:45 Belgium Ivory Coast No Friendly
14:45 Germany Chile No Friendly
14:45 Ireland Serbia No Friendly
14:45 Poland Scotland No Friendly
14:45 Wales Iceland No Friendly
15:00 Australia Ecuador Yes Friendly
15:00 England Denmark No Friendly
15:00 France Netherlands No Friendly
15:45 Portugal Cameroon No Friendly
16:00 St. Lucia Jamaica No Friendly
16:00 Spain Italy No Friendly
18:00 Honduras Venezuela No Friendly
20:30 Mexico Nigeria No Friendly
21:00 Costa Rica Paraguay No Friendly

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