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We Global Football is Looking for New Writers

The headline says it all. We’re looking to grow our team with new writers. As time has gone on, one of the most difficult things to keep up with is new articles. We have our own rankings, FIFA rankings, UEFA National Team coefficients, match trackers, fixtures, predictions, and all sorts of other numbers floating around. Ensuring all of these tools are functioning properly and up to date is a daunting and time consuming task. As a result, there is less time for posting new articles.

We’d like to offer an opportunity to individuals who would be interested in blogging on We Global Football. All of the content is focused on international football, and that will not change. We’ve never done anything like this before, so we’ll see how it goes!


What We’re Looking For

All of the writing on our site is focused on using numbers to either make predictions, observations, or present some sort of analysis using statistics. We don’t want that to stop doing those things. One of the things that we think attracts people to WGF is the unique content.

But we also are interested in growing the information available related to international football. When squads are announced for national teams, we currently don’t post anything. We’re interested in that. We’re interested in interviews with coaches and players related to national team duty. Ultimately, the more writers that are interested in joining the team, the more we can cover.

There are already pages for every national team on the site. From each of those pages you can see upcoming matches, predictions, past matches, and all articles related to each team. All 222 teams that we rank have a page. You won’t find that on any other website anywhere, and that’s something we want to leverage.

We also would like to have previews and predictions for every tournament and every round of international football. We’re looking for smart commentary, insight, history, as well as predictions for the matches. Additionally, predictions would include what the WGF rankings say and why the writer agrees/disagrees with the rankings. We want content to be tied to the rankings to every extent possible.


What We Can Offer Writers

Before we go any further, we want to be clear that this will not be paid. Since inception, we’ve not taken a penny, and as a result, we have no money to offer. This is a hobby, and we have day jobs. We pay for the website hosting out of pocket. But, if we see traffic grow to such a level that we can actually make some revenue, writers will be compensated accordingly.

However, we do believe that this is a good opportunity for writers to do something completely new. We Global Football has been growing since inception:


We’ve got almost 1,100 Twitter followers. While that number isn’t anything outrageous, we love all of our followers, and they really love our content. They include other writers, blogs, national team coaches, players, managers, administrators, and fans from all over the world. We’ve met great people and will continue to do so. And we think that exposure can be a great thing for lots of writers.

We’ll also send you a We Global Football t-shirt, which hey, it’s a free t-shirt. They’re cool.

We will also provide access to our data. We have match data going back about 5 years which we’d be happy to share. This will be helpful in providing historical context for articles. We will not be providing the formula for our rankings, but we will go through each of the elements and how they work so that you can speak to them intelligently.

So: opportunity, exposure, data, t-shirt. That’s not bad.


Positions and Requirements

Ideally, we’d like to have people focused on individual confederations. And as we indicated, this would be focused on previews, predictions, rosters, interviews, and anything else that would be creative and unique.

  • AFC (3)
  • CAF (2)
  • CONCACAF (2)
  • CONMEBOL (2)
  • OFC (1)
  • UEFA (5)
  • Statistics and Analytics (2)

We’re open to having people work across multiple confederations depending on the response.

Requirements for the positions

  • Creative and friendly
  • Ability to write fluently in English
  • Strong grammar skills
  • Extensive knowledge of the interested confederation

That’s really all we’re looking for.

How to Apply

  • Send a writing sample to
  • Indicate in your email which position you are interested in
  • Add any additional links/writing/qualifications that you feel may help your candidacy.

We’ll review the applications, and if we feel it is a good fit, we’ll go into further detail about the process of having articles published on We Global Football.

Thanks for your interest, and we hope that we can grow our team with some great people!

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