World Cup 2018 Predictions – The Final 32

World Cup 2018 predictions are live for every team still eligible to qualify! We will update this page throughout the qualifying process as teams are eliminated, quality, and everything in between. We will look at each confederation, categorize every single team, and keep a running “FINAL 32” of projected finalists. Let’s go.

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World Cup 2018 Predictions last updated: August 30, 2017



Iran is in. Looks like Korea Republic and Uzbekistan are fighting for the final spot. But nobody else is out of it yet.

Iraq and Thailand are out. UAE is practically out. But Australia, Japan, and Saudi Arabia all have a legitimate shot to make the World Cup. Going to be a great finish in Group B.


Congo DR and Tunisia look like they’ll battle til the end in Group A

Group B is by far the strongest group. We favor Nigeria, but AFCON Champs Cameroon will have something to say about that. Algeria still looks slightly in play.

Ivory Coast and Morocco are both very strong teams in Group C. While the Ivorians are the favorites, it’s gonna be fun.

South Africa, Senegal, and Burkina Faso are all going to keep this wide open group interesting. Cape Verde has crashed hard.

After an impressive showing, it’s Egypt’s to lose at this point.


Mexico is just about in. Costa Rica and USA appear to be in solid shape. Panama is our pick for the playoffs, and Honduras and T&T have a ton of work to do.


It’s been a roller coaster in CONMEBOL. Brazil are in.

After that, it’s very much up in the air. Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay look like they’ll claim the last 4 spots, but one will most likely have to go through the playoffs to get there.


It’s down to New Zealand and Solomon Islands for the playoffs. We give New Zealand about an 86% chance and Solomon Islands a 14% chance of making it through.


Group A has gotten much tighter, but we still give France a 77% chance to win it. What a boner from Hugo Lloris v Sweden.

Will be very interesting between Switzerland and Portugal. Nobody else has a shot anymore.

Germany is practically in. Northern Ireland has definitely grabbed the edge for 2nd.

Ireland, Wales, Austria and Serbia are all in play for top spot, but Serbia currently has the edge, with Ireland close behind.

Poland has a massive advantage and has the highest odds in UEFA. But great battle between Denmark, Montenegro, and Romania for 2nd.

England also is in cruise control. Slovakia, Slovenia, and Scotland are all still in OK shape.

Italy is good, but Spain has the edge at the moment. It’s clearly one of the two.

Belgium has seized control of Group H. Greece appears to have risen to challenge Bosnia.

The closest group top to bottom. Turkey, Croatia, Ukraine, and Iceland are all good teams. Croatia currently has the edge.


The World Cup 2018 odds are up. It’s time for our final 32, including hosts Russia (1)

AFC: Iran (2) is in. We like Korea Republic (3) from group A. We like Australia (4) and Japan (5) from Group B.

CAF: Our projected group winners at the moment are Congo DR (6), Nigeria (7), Ivory Coast (8), South Africa (9), and Egypt (10).

CONCACAF: The 3 teams we like to move on directly from the Hex are Mexico (11)Costa Rica (12), and USA (13)

CONMEBOL: Brazil (14) has already punched their ticket. Also qualifying directly are Colombia (15), Argentina (16), and Chile (17)

UEFA: Projected group winners are France (18), Switzerland (19), Germany (20), Serbia (21), Poland (22), England (23), Spain (24), Belgium (25), and Croatia (26).

UEFA Playoffs: Teams we like to get through via the playoffs are Portugal (27), Italy (28), Slovakia (29), and Northern Ireland (30). These are very, very close!

Inter-Continental Playoffs: Our last two teams we like to get in via the playoffs are Panama (31) and Uruguay (32).


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  • Your Group D current point totals are off. Ireland and Serbia are both at 12 while Wales and Austria both sit at 8. Otherwise, a great read!

  • Points are not correct for Serbia and Wales. It’s Serbia 12, and Wales 8.

  • Africa: Tunisia and Ghana instead of Congo and Egipt.
    S. America: Urugway will fight back and Colombia will have to play against New Zealand, but will go through.
    Europe: The four teams to go through playoffs will be Portugal, Italy, Iceland and England ’cause Slovakia will top the group!

  • U guys could mark on red teams which have no posibility to qualify.

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