EURO 2020 Office Pool – Random Teams Edition

After careful consideration, we’ve come back with an additional EURO 2020 Office Pool option using random team selection.

The spreadsheet is available here <—- DOWNLOAD HERE

In this version, you will not predict the outcome of the tournament. This is a pool structured more for when you want to assign a random team to an individual. Based on your custom scoring settings, you will get a different amount of points for each item. Most points wins!

For our prediction Office Pool, please click here

Here’s how it works:


This spreadsheet is a bit simpler than our other EURO 2020 Office Pool. Everything here is contained in one spreadsheet. There are some very simple steps to follow:

  • Assign each of the 24 teams to an individual. You can do this via any means – drawing from a hat, random number generator, etc.
  • Enter the name of each participant in Column R of the ‘Standings’ sheet
  • Enter your custom scoring in the left side of the ‘Standings’ sheet
  • Enter the scores in the Group Stage as the tournament unfolds
  • Enter the scores in the Knockout Stage tab. If the match goes to penalties, use the second column of scores to enter results. If the match does not go to penalties, leave the second column of scores blank

That’s it! if you have any issues with the file, feel free to email us at

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