We Global Football

Who We Are

Brandon (Cro) is one of the co-founders of We Global Football.  Always into statistics and numbers, he has worked extensively to develop programming to both maintain the site’s 500+ pages and provide insight into upcoming matchups.  He hopes that one day the We Global Football rankings will be the gold standard for ranking international teams.  In the meantime, tell him how terrible his computer’s predictions are to boost his confidence.

Matt is the other co-founder of We Global Football.  By far the most knowledgeable football member of our team, Matt has a way with words that makes his articles the most exciting and popular on the site.  Matt also has been developing our custom competition trackers for many years, and was a major catalyst for getting We Global Football up and running beyond our small team.  You can find him at a match either shirtless or with USA flag pants on.

Adam is the designer for We Global Football.  All of our products, logos, and materials are the work of Adam, and we think there is no better out there.  Without his tireless efforts, we wouldn’t be able to do things like this or this.  He is always coming up with something new, and his goal is to draw by hand a logo for all 220 nations featured on the site.  There’s truly just nothing like it out there.  While everyone else is watching the match and drinking beer, you can find Adam drawing on the outside of a paper bag… while drinking beer.


What We Do

We Global Football is a brand geared towards providing fans with a unique international football experience. It initially started out as an idea bred from frustration with the inconsistencies the FIFA ranking employs. FIFA releases rankings only once a month. We Global Football rankings are updated the day after every match. If you want to know where your team stands after a hotly contested fixture, why wait an entire month to see the impact?

Currently we provide users with past matches, future matches, rankings, user-maintained competition trackers, insights and more into the international football world. We have also recently launched our store with custom WGF logos on shirts and have been hosting events in the New York City area, with more to come.


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Still, more can be done. We want to be able to give fans more than they can get anywhere else by covering every corner of the globe including nations not affiliated with FIFA.  We currently rank 221 nations.

If you’d like to contact us, the best way is on Twitter @We_Global. We always look forward to feedback and hearing from people.\

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