We Global Football’s Excel Spreadsheet Downloads for all major tournaments. 2020-21 UEFA Nations League now available.


2020-21 UEFA Nations League  <———- DOWNLOAD HERE

AFCON 2021 Qualifying  <———- DOWNLOAD HERE


2022 World Cup Qualifying – AFC <———- DOWNLOAD HERE


EURO 2020 Qualifying <———- DOWNLOAD HERE

One of the great features of We Global Football are the spreadsheets.  The spreadsheets are free to download, and you can track any tournament, qualification, or whatever else we come up with. The macros are 100% safe to use.  Here are some screenshots of prior sheets. Click the images to see larger.

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  • Andrick Stevenson

    Will you be adding the UEFA World Cup Spreadsheet any time soon? The other ones are great!

  • EURO 2016 spreadsheet will be available soon! All tiebreakers will work properly!

  • I hope the six eliminated teams from preliminary round for AFC qualifiers could play in play-offs for Asian Cup 2019 :s

    • We will not be providing any files without password protection. Everything you need should be in the file!

  • Well then can you send me an example of how to do a head to head between two or more teams in the excel file

  • I want to remove some sheets and copy the 1st two so multiple players are in one excel. How can I do it?

    • Sorry, we’re not going to have multiple editions of the file. It must be used as is to keep the formulas and standings.

  • Hi, I like your European Championship 2016 spreadsheet, can I ask though how you managed to split the teams in the group stages if 2 or more teams finished on the same points ,,,,,, reason I ask is I run have been asked to automate a current manual Excel file for a junior soccer season cup, but I am having trouble when 2 teams finish on the same points, how to split them ….. currently if two teams finish on same points then I have to look at the matches between those two teams and use that to split, but if that match was a draw then I ahve to look at their respective league finish places and use that ,,, but like I said, it’s all manual and time consuming, so when I saw your file I knew there must be a way of automating this ,, any help is appreciated. Thanks

  • Hi there. I’m trying to build a similar Euro16 spreadsheet to yours for a work competition. What does the macro look like for putting 3rd place teams into the right knockout stage matches? UEFA have made it very confusing!

    Grateful for any hints/tips (or the answer!). Cheers.

    • Best thing to do is look at Wikipedia to see who goes where. Then figure out the 4 teams who are advancing. Then do a lookup or index/match to put the right team in the right place.

  • Hello Admin and football’ lovers, I liked your “European Championship 2016 Excel Spreadsheet”. I finished the ‘Pickes’ file but I face a major problem in the ‘Master’ file. I cannot copy/move the tab with the participants’ picks into the Master file, so I cannot creat the Standings! Any help is appreciated and thanks a lot.

    • Hi Ahmed. You must copy the “Finalized” version that gets created from the Picks file. The original file is locked, but the new file that gets created is unlocked and can be copied into the master file. Hope this helps!

  • Hello!

    Can you put all of the associations qualifiers for the World Cup (UEFA, AFC, CAF, CONCACAF etc) in one Excel file with different sheets, one for each association? Thanks a lot in advance! Or maybe you can give me an advice how to do it myself (I don’t think simple copy/paste would work, because of macros).

    Sorry for my bad English.

    • Hi Dejan,

      The files individually are large, so putting them all in one file is going to really slow down the performance of running simulations and projections.

      Perhaps we’ll post a version that just has fixtures/standings in the future with them all. For now, it’s a lot of rework, so we’ll keep it as is. Thanks for your comment!

  • I was looking for something exactly like these, however, when I put in random scores, in the Euro 2016 Competition Tracker, the Group D and 3rd Place tables show up with nothing but ### in all of them and #N/A in the team and stat files. Could that maybe be because I’m using openoffice instead of excel?

    • Most likely. There are some newer excel formulas like countifs, which may not be available. There should definitely not be ### anywhere.

  • would it be possible to have the file in a format whereby i could find and replace the name of the teams to include in brackets the name of my colleague who has that team in the sweep stake at work please?

    • Hi Phil. Sorry we won’t have time to get something like that together. Best bet is to just copy the cells and put in some data validation.

  • Hey! Awesome job with the euro pool file!! I was testing it to use it here at work and as soon as I get to the quarter final teams some of the participants get 10 points for a champion that hasn’t been selected yet. And then if fill up the rest of the bracket those participants still get 10 points for the champion whether they got it right or not and all the others that actually guessed don’t get the 10 points. Any ideas on why is this happening?

    • Hi Jorge,

      There was an error in the older version. If you download the master file again, that issue is corrected. Sorry about that!

  • when I try to enter a score into the knock out teams cell it keeps asking for a password….can you help

    • There is a cell directly to the right of the team’s name that is unlocked. That is where you enter the score

  • I would like to make some changes on Euro Cup 2016 spreadsheet. for the group, if the team is right, but not right position, ppl can get 1 point. How do we make that change? or could you send me password to unlock vba thanks

    • Steven, download the master file again. We added an option to change that in the second version we released.

  • There’s something wrong, even with the option any location, I’m getting not the correct number of points for people that predicted that teams would go through, independently of the final group standing. For example, people that got right that 11 teams would go through are only getting the points for those they predicted with the correct group standing. And no change in the point system happens if I change the knockout scoring setting from any location to exact location and vice-versa. What am I doing wrong? Again thanks for your support and awesome spreadsheet!

    • I have the same issue. I’ve setup a pool for 27 people using the Euro spreadsheet, but the points only work if the correct picks are in the exact location and it would take too long to manually add up the points for 27 brackets. Please let me know if there’s an easy fix on my end. If not, an updated spreadsheet would be much appreciated.

      • I just did a test and the remaining rounds work for Any Location. It’s just the group stage points that don’t work for Any Location.

        • Joel, that’s correct. The group stage scoring was set up so that if you picked England first and they finished second, you get nothing. We did not build that setting in to allow points for the group stage. Sorry about that

  • Hello. Thanks for great job. Will the Olympic tournament 2016 be available?

  • Hello! As UEFA WC 2018 qualifyng is starting in a week time, will the spredsheet be available by the Sunday?
    Thanks a lot in advance and keep up the good work!

    • UEFA sheet will be up today or tomorrow. Just adding some finishing touches.

      • I just love these sheets…. Can i adjust the time when the game begins. It is now 7 hours wrong.

        • Thanks and glad to hear! The times are all set to Eastern standard time (where we’re located), so if you’re in a different location, they will all be off by the same amount.

          We will post an update so you can adjust the time since we have it locked right now.

  • Derek Nordstrom

    Will there be an updated CONCACAF file that contains the Hex?? Thank you so much, love these files!

  • There’s a mistake in the ranking of second placed teams in the UEFA spreadsheet. Even though all groups have 6 teams after the admissions of Kosovo and Gibraltar. UEFA has confirmed that the ranking of the second placed teams, will only use results from the matches against the top 5 placed teams. This because the regulations cannot be changed after the draw of the groups. Hence the second place table lists to many points, and to many goals.

    • The UEFA file is all fixed up. Can download the update. Thanks for pointing that out

  • Maybe some that dose formulas for excel. So you can input you own scores for games for the previous rounds.

  • Wow sorry about the auto correct that through what I said into a mess. I was seeing if you have the formulas that will help me to make my own spreadsheets so I can do my own tournaments through FIFA World Cup for X-box 360. This is for my own use and no one else. Even if you can email it to me.

  • I was seeing also if you could update the OFC 2nd Round sheet with the 3 game bracket they had. I believe was part of there qualifying. It was part of the OFC Nations Cup.

  • Karan Bijani

    In the spreadsheet for 2018 World Cup Qualifying – AFC, Japan is not showing up in the list of qualified teams although they have qualified (I have updated the scores).

    • Right at the top of the page there is a link above the first image.

  • How do i download the Copa America , AFC etc spreadsheets?….I only find the world cup pool and it doesnt have that things

    • We don’t keep completed tournaments up. As we create new sheets, we will post them

  • I have just downloaded the World Cup 2018 spreadsheet but the worksheet is blocked. What is the password? Thank you.

  • I think there may be a bug in the sheet. When I input the scores thus far and re-simulate, the Group Stage tab populates correctly, but the Group Projections tab incorrectly shows Panama with 3 points. Prob meaningless, as the same page shows Panama with a projected 1.75 points, but just FYI…

    Group stage tab:

    Group Projections tab:

    • Thanks. I think you may have grabbed a version right when we published. That is fixed in the current version of the downloads page.

      It’s not used anywhere else, however, so all of the other numbers are correct.

      • Thanks. Does the current spreadsheet use updated power ratings (from June 18), or the ones from pre-tourney?

        • Each time you open the file (or click data -> refresh) it always updates to the latest rankings on the site, which is after each match (even though the dates may say something different)

  • Hello. I downloaded 2018-19 UEFA Nations League Spreadsheet and noticed that all starting times are listed for US Eastern time zone. Is there a chance to put a combobox in spreadsheet to change the time zone, which will then adjust the starting time of the games accordingly? Greetings from central Europe!

  • Ali Magboul

    the Time zone on the AFC2019 is wrong according to UAE TIME. Is there is a place to change the TIME-ZONE

  • Hello,
    As UEFA EURO 2020 qualifying starts on Thursday, will there be spreadsheet for it on your site?

  • Hi, great work. Just downloaded the Euro 2020 spreadsheet. The time is broken. If I change the timezone from the default -5 UTC all the dates and times of games change to VALUE and I can’t change them back.

  • Alican Seçgin

    UEFA EURO 2020 qualifying excel is good. But the time zone is not working. Could you please fix this?

  • Hello,

    I am looking for the AFCON 2019 schedule. Do you by any chance have that one completed? The tournament starts tomorrow evening.

  • 2019 CONMEBOL COPA AMERICA , quarterfinals 29 jun 2019 no chile vs peru but uruguay vs peru … fix admin

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