32 Things Guaranteed to Happen at the World Cup Group Stage

We’re using our rankings to make some bold (and not so bold) predictions. Individually they may seem very likely to happen, but in totality, going 32 for 32 would be quite the remarkable accomplishment.

Here are 32 things we guarantee will happen at the World Cup Group Stage

Also, 32 Fun Facts about the 32 Teams


  1. Brazil will win their group on 9 points.
  2. Croatia will win at most 1 game.
  3. Mexico will win at most 1 game.
  4. Cameroon will not score more than 2 goals.
  5. Spain will not have more than 1 clean sheet.
  6. Chile will advance.
  7. Netherlands will again lose to Spain by a goal at the World Cup.
  8. Australia‘s goal differential will be closer to -10 than 0.
  9. Colombia has at least 7 points.
  10. Ivory Coast scores in all 3 matches.
  11. Greece will not have a match where either team scores multiple goals.
  12. Japan scores in all 3 matches.
  13. England advances.
  14. Uruguay scores in all 3 matches.
  15. Italy finishes with fewer points than goals scored.
  16. Costa Rica concedes multiple goals in every match.
  17. France scores more than 1 goal in all 3 matches.
  18. Switzerland both scores and concedes a goal in all 3 matches.
  19. Ecuador does the same thing.
  20. Honduras goal differential will be closer to 0 than -10.
  21. Argentina finishes on 9 points.
  22. Bosnia-Herzegovina wins at least one game by multiple goals.
  23. Nigeria does too.
  24. Iran does not leave Brazil with a point or a goal to their name.
  25. Germany scores more than 1 goal in all 3 matches.
  26. Portugal does not have a clean sheet.
  27. USA too.
  28. Ghana finishes with the fewest points of any CAF team not named Cameroon.
  29. Belgium concedes fewer than 2 goals.
  30. Russia does the same.
  31. Algeria will not finish last in Group H.
  32. Korea Republic does not get a result in more than 1 game.


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