UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Draw Simulator

With the UEFA Nations League drawing to a close, our focus shifts to the UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Draw. The UEFA Nations League is the basis for forming the Pots for the draw. 53 teams will be placed into 5 pots of 10 teams and 6 pots of 3 teams.

There are a few restrictions for the draw:

  • The 4 teams reaching the UEFA Nations League final will be placed in Groups A-D to ensure that they are in a group with 5 teams
  • Prohibited clashes: For political reasons, matches between following pairs of teams are considered prohibited clashes, unable to be drawn into the same group:
    • Armenia / Azerbaijan, Belarus / Ukraine, Gibraltar / Spain, Kosovo / Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo / Serbia
  • Winter venues: A maximum of two teams identified as venues with high or medium risk of severe winter conditions can be placed in each group:
    • Belarus, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway
  • Excessive travel: A maximum of one pair of teams identified with excessive travel distance in relation to other countries can be placed in each group
    • Azerbaijan: with Gibraltar, Iceland, Portugal
    • Iceland: with Armenia, Cyprus, George, Israel
    • Kazakhstan: with Andorra, England, Faroe Islands, France, Gibraltar, Iceland, Malta, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Wales.

The EURO 2024 Qualifying Draw will take place on October 9 in Frankfurt, Germany. Host Germany will not participate in qualifying and thus are not part of the draw.

With the excitement building towards the draw, we’re sharing our UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Draw Simulator with all of you for free! You can click the download link below to get the simulator. Please note this works best in Microsoft Excel and you must enable macros. Enjoy!

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