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Where WGF lacks the resources is in the detail. You cannot find information at We Global Football about players from specific countries, squad call-ups, managerial changes, transfers, and the other intricacies that fans of specific teams want to know. And that's OK. That was never our intention. But as we've made connections over the past year, we've come to realize how many truly great places there are for people to find that information. We want to connect this network of the best websites from around the world.

We're very much looking forward to including more blogs from around the web. If you have an international football blog, or know of a great one, we'd love to feature you in our Blog Index. Contact us on Twitter @We_Global or via email at briff@weglobalfootball.com

Any team with the WGF Crest will have a logo coming soon. Our designer works very hard, and creating the crests does take some time.


J Soccer

JSoccer is the web-based version of JSoccer Magazine. JSoccer was founded by Englishman Alan Gibson, who has been covering the J League since it’s inception is 1993. JSoccer offers extensive coverage of domestic league as well as the Blue Samurai. With their slogan being “Japanese soccer from the inside”, there simply is no better place to turn for all things Japanese soccer.

Tavern of the Taeguk Warriors

Tavern of the Taeguk Warriors is the premier destination for Korean soccer fans. The catalyst for Founder Roy Ghim was the 2002 World Cup Semifinal run, which inspired millions into the streets. Nothing in the world brings people together quite like taverns and football. Roy’s website combines the best of both atmospheres to offer the best coverage of Korean soccer this side of the Pacific.


King Fut

King Fut is an English-based Egyptian Football site. It is the most comprehensive website for covering the Pharaohs national team as well as Egyptian nationals playing around the globe. There is no better place to find Egyptian content in English on the web.


Everybody Soccer

Everybody Soccer is run by Bill Vegas and follows goalkeepers in the American National scene, both domestic and abroad. They frequently rank the top 100 keepers in America, as well as providing statistical and humorous analysis. Bill also really enjoys pizza.



ArmeniaSoccer.com has English content for Armenian fans. They have the latest news, videos and highlights from Armenian nationals abroad as well as domestic league and national team information. We look forward to more of their great content.

BH Dragons

BHDragons is a sports website dedicated to the Bosnian national football team, featuring exclusive interviews, analysis, articles, news, photos, videos, and more. Readers are kept up to date on Bosnian players abroad, as well as keeping up with the domestic league, and all of the Bosnian youth selections. This is THE place to go for English-based Bosnian content.

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