EURO 2016 Predictions and Preview – Groups C, E, G – Matchday 2

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Our previews will be rolling out based on the day of the games. Today is these 3, and we’ll keep rolling out predictions each day.


Group C

Belarus v. Ukraine – Borisov, Belarus

Belarus could only muster a draw at Luxembourg. That’s not inspiring whatsoever. Add that to the fact that Ukraine must surely feel they were wronged against Slovakia, and you have a Ukraine team with a lot to prove. You don’t disallow a goalie goal. We think Ukraine takes care of their neighbors here.

Prediction: Belarus 0 – Ukraine 2

FYR Macedonia v. Luxembourg – Skopje, Macedonia

Believe it or not, Luxembourg has actually climbed higher in our rankings than Macedonia! They may keep picking up single points here and there, but something is better than nothing. This is the easiest match Macedonia is going to get in the group. Anything less than 3 points will put them almost out of it already.

Prediction: FYR Macedonia 1 – Luxembourg 1


Slovakia v. Spain – Zilina, Slovakia

Slovakia is surely riding high after their win at Ukraine. Their match with Spain will certainly be the best one of the 3 from this group. If Slovakia can avoid a defeat at home, they’ll be in great shape, having taken points away to Ukraine and against Spain. If they are able to take all 3, we will officially move them up into our qualifying projection. We think Spain, however, continues their strong start.

Prediction: Slovakia 1 – Spain 2


We are not yet changing our group projection. We have it:

  1. Spain
  2. Ukraine
  3. Slovakia
  4. Belarus
  5. Luxembourg
  6. FYR Macedonia


Group E

England v. San Marino  – London, England

There shouldn’t be much debate about this one. England is going to take San Marino behind the shed for a good hiyadoin’. While England has dropped in our rankings to #15, San Marino is still buried as the worst team in UEFA. There’s a little debate as our averaging methods have San Marino scoring -1.36 goals in this one. We’ll round up to 0.

Prediction: England 5 – San Marino 0


Lithuania v. Estonia – Vilnius, Lithuania

While Lithuania was certainly less than inspiring in their defeat over San Marino, 3 points are in the bank. Estonia, meanwhile, got the goal they needed and took out Slovenia to pick up a huge 3 points. Estonia surely has not forgotten when they reached the playoffs for the 2012 edition. Had the format been the same as the 2016 edition, they would have qualified. It’s tough to win at Lithuania, and Bosnia almost didn’t do it in World Cup Qualifying. We think this should be a pretty even match.

Prediction: Lithuania 1 – Estonia 1


Slovenia v. Switzerland – Maribor, Slovenia

This is a huge game for both teams. Each came up empty in their first match, and they both could use something here. If Estonia wins at Lithuania, and there is a loser in this match, it will be a huge disadvantage. But it’s early, and there are better days ahead for both teams. This should be another extremely close match. We ultimately think it ends in a deadlock.

Prediction: Slovenia 1 – Switzerland 1


Likewise with Group C, we don’t envision our final projections changing much with these results.

  1. England
  2. Switzerland
  3. Slovenia
  4. Estonia
  5. Lithuania
  6. San Marino


Group G

Liechtenstein v. Montenegro – Vaduz, Liechtenstein

You may get tiny Liechtenstein and Luxembourg confused, but this team is not nearly as good as their counterparts. Montenegro need to strike here, This is a tough group, and you need to beat up on the little guys to have a shot. They did that against Moldova in the first matchday. We think they get the job done again here.

Prediction: Liechtenstein 0 – Montenegro 3


Moldova v. Austria – Chisinau, Moldova

Austria is WGF’s latest ranking surprise. They’ve been hovering around our Top 20 for quite some time. We were actually a little surprised they did not defeat Sweden. This is not going to be an easy game by any means, but this is a must win. Moldova is basically a sitting duck in this group, and any points against non-Liechtenstein teams would be a success.

Prediction: Moldova 0 – Austria 2


Sweden v. Russia – Solna, Sweden

This surely is the best match of the day, and the one to watch. Russia has fallen in our rankings to #30, which is their worst ever standing. This is a massive, massive match for Sweden. If they are able to take all 3 points, they should keep pace with Austria and have a leg up on Russia. Any points out of this match from Russia will go a long way towards ensuring a Top 2 finish. We think Sweden snags a winner here. Can’t wait for this one.

Prediction: Sweden 2 – Russia 1


There will be a little bit of a shakeup if these results hold. Poor Montenegro may be in 1st place in the group and projected to finish 4th. Should this play out we have:

  1. Sweden
  2. Austria
  3. Russia
  4. Montenegro
  5. Moldova
  6. Liechtenstein

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