EURO 2016 Predictions and Preview – Groups D, F, I – Matchday 2

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Our previews will be rolling out based on the day of the games. Today is these 3, and we’ll keep rolling out predictions each day.


Group D

Republic of Ireland v. Gibraltar – Dublin, Republic of Ireland

While 1 game doesn’t seal a team’s fate, Gibraltar certainly does not have the look of a side that is set on making a run at this point. Hard to blame them when 2/3 of the team aren’t even professional footballers. We still have them projected for 2 points in the group, but to see them get anything against a team other than Georgia at this point would be a surprise. Ireland shouldn’t waste any time here dismantling Gibraltar. They should be on 6 points with far tougher matches ahead of them.

Prediction: Republic of Ireland 3 – Gibraltar 0


Poland v. Germany – Warsaw, Poland

This is a tremendous opportunity for Poland. Came out of the gate white hot, letting fly all over Gibraltar. But when the #1 team in the world comes to town, things get a little more serious. This is going to be a really fun game to watch. Poland has been mired in European obscurity for quite some time now, and if they can make a statement here, they’ll be very well off. Believe it or not, the past two times these teams have met, the result was a draw. We think that’s a little ambitious, as we expect the world champs to flex their muscle. But it won’t be easy.

Prediction: Poland 1 – Germany 2


Scotland v. Georgia – Glasgow, Scotland

These are the type of matches Scotland needs to dominate if they want to be considered among Europe’s best. They are clearly a better team than Georgia, and we expect full throttle from the start. it’s been over 30 games since the last time Scotland defeated a team by 3+ goals. That’s an unbelievably long time. Don’t expect a massive blowout here, but Scotland should be in full control for 90 minutes en route to 3 points. Georgia has very little chance in this group.

Prediction: Scotland 3 – Georgia 0


Poland-Germany could skew things if Poland comes out victorious, but we feel pretty confident in these projections right now. Germany clear #1, Scotland clear #2, Poland-Ireland in a dog fight for 3rd.

  1. Germany
  2. Scotland
  3. Poland
  4. Republic of Ireland
  5. Georgia
  6. Gibraltar

Group F

Finland v. Greece – Helsinki, Finland

While we do try to be unbiased in most of our writing and predictions, there are certain teams that always seem to rank highly in our rankings and not get the respect they deserve on the international scene. Finland is one of those nations. Finland has consistently ranked somewhere between 25 and 40 in our rankings for a good year now, and this is the match where they can truly prove they belong. Greece is already on the ropes, having lost to Romania. While Finland did beat the Faroe Islands, a road multi-goal win is still impressive. We’re pulling for Finland here, and if they get 3 points, they’re going to be in a fantastic position to get to France. Expect a 1-0 or 1-1 type game here.

Prediction: Finland 1 – Greece 1


Northern Ireland v. Faroe Islands – Belfast, Northern Ireland

The matches between these two teams were supposed to be the weakest in the group. Turns out that’s not the case. After Northern Ireland won at Hungary, things are certainly more interesting. This is the easiest match Northern Ireland will get all qualifying, so they need to pounce here. They’ve cracked our Top 70, and with a win, should move up a little more, depending on the score line. Despite this group having no powerhouse teams, it’s filled with a lot of solid teams that are better than Faroe Islands. We only project them to finish with about 2 points from this group.

Prediction: Northern Ireland 3 – Faroe Islands 0


Romania v. Hungary – Bucharest, Romania

While plenty of other nations aren’t allowed to be drawn in the same group together due to political tension, Romania and Hungary just flat out don’t like each other. Look at any message board for these two countries and you’ll find insults aplenty. At this point, Hungary can’t be feeling all that confident. They lost at home to one of the weaker teams in the group and have a long road ahead of them. At this point, Romania, Finland and Greece all have a much clearer path to France. We like the home side here to take care of business and establish themselves as the team to beat in this group.

Prediction: Romania 2 – Hungary 0


If Greece can get out of Finland with at least a point, they’re in fine shape. A win would vault them to projected 2nd. Everything else we feel pretty good about right now. Northern Ireland is certainly a team to watch.

  1. Romania
  2. Finland
  3. Greece
  4. Northern Ireland
  5. Hungary
  6. Faroe Islands

Group I

Albania v. Denmark – Elbasan, Albania

Albania will not be playing in Tirana for the first time in what seems like forever. Don’t worry, however. Surely the flares will be lit. After winning at Portugal, the Albanians must be feeling like they can beat anybody and make it all the way to France. Given that only 8 matches are played in this group, if they come out of this with 3 points, who are we to doubt them. They’d be in line for at worst a spot in the playoffs. Denmark has a tremendous opportunity here. More recently they haven’t been at their best, but they’re still a WGF Top 50 team. A win here would go a very long way. We think this one is pretty even and expect it to end that way.

Prediction: Albania 1 – Denmark 1


Armenia v. Serbia – Yerevan, Armenia

Finally, Serbia gets their campaign underway. Serbia is another team that has fared well in our rankings. We had them projected right at the top of the group with Portugal, and after Portugal lost to Albania, we now project Serbia to top the group. Armenia is in a tough position. This is a very solid group, and there is no Pot 6 team to bang on. We initially projected Albania and Armenia to be somewhat close, but no more. If Armenia gets anything out of this one we’ll be pretty surprised. We think Serbia exerts their will here.

Prediction: Armenia 0 – Serbia 3


No projection changes at this point. Still looks pretty tight between Denmark and Albania for 3rd, but there’s a chance one of them could sneak past Portugal. Wouldn’t that be something.

  1. Serbia
  2. Portugal
  3. Denmark
  4. Albania
  5. Armenia

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