AFCON 2017 Prediction Competition and Prizes!!

AFCON 2017 is less than 10 days away! We Global Football is proud to present our AFCON 2017 Prediction competition. It is free to join.



How It Works

  • Get the file! Click the “download file here” link throughout this post, or right click and “save as”.
  • Once you open the file, make sure you have macros enabled (they’re safe).
  • Within the file is an “Instructions” button. Click it and read how it works.
  • Fill out the bracket with your Twitter handle and picks.
  • Once you are satisfied with your AFCON 2017 Predictions, click the “Finalize Picks” button. If something isn’t right in your file, you will receive an error message when you go to finalize the picks.
  • A file named “AFCON2017.xlsx” will be saved in the same folder as the picks file you downloaded/saved.
  • Email the finalized “AFCON2017.xlsx” file to


The maximum number of points your AFCON 2017 picks can reach is 100 points. The breakdown is as follows:

Group Stage (48 Points): You will receive 3 points for each team you correctly predict their correct finish in the group.
Quarterfinals (20 Points): For each team you correctly predict to advance to the Semifinals (does not have to be in the exact spot on the bracket), you receive 5 points.
Semifinals (16 Points): For each team you correctly predict to advance to the Finals (does not have to be in the exact spot on the bracket), you receive 8 points.
Finals (16 Points): You receive 16 points for picking the AFCON 2017 Champion correctly.

The tiebreaker is total goals scored by both teams in the finals (excluding penalties, including extra time). If multiple entries are tied and have the same tiebreaker, there will be multiple winners.



Yes, we’re giving away prizes. Yes, it is free to enter. The prize we are giving away depends on the number of entries. The more entries, the bigger the prize. Only the top entry will win a prize.

0+ Entries: We Global Football T-Shirt (the best prize)
50+ Entries: Team Scarf of Your Choice
100+ Entries: Team Kit of Your Choice
500+ Entries: 2 Tickets to a World Cup Qualifier of your choice

So tell your friends. Tell your family. Let’s get this thing going!


There aren’t many rules, but there are some.

  1. Only one entry per person.
  2. You MUST submit the “Finalized” version.
  3. All entries must be submitted before kickoff of the first match.
  4. Help us out with a couple Retweets. We’d really appreciate it.

Once we receive all entries, we will post a master file which contains every entry and each person’s AFCON 2017 Predictions. That’s the reason for the finalized versions, as it makes it much easier on us to compile the entries. The file will also contain a blank sheet where you can enter actual results. The actual results will feed a standings sheet so you can keep track of the competition on your own.



So that’s it! If you have any issues with the file or any comments, feel free to add them below, or reach out to us on Twitter @We_Global. Good luck to everyone participating!

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