World Cup 2018 Office Pool – Excel Spreadsheets!

Our EURO 2016 Office Pool was a huge success. So we’re BACK, with the World Cup 2018 Office Pool for you! As always, it is available for download as Excel Spreadsheets with no frills. Just great content from us, for you!


Here are some screenshots from the Office Pool (click to view larger). You can also download the office pool from our Downloads page

World Cup 2018 Office Pool


We tried to make these spreadsheets as easy to follow as possible. But if you do run into issues, feel free to contact us here: , on Twitter, or leave a comment below. Of course, as always, all of our macros are very safe to use. You can add up to 2,000 entrants. If you need more, just let us know… and invite us to join your pool!

There are two files included in the zip file. One is called “WorldCup2018Picks”. The other is “WorldCup2018Master”.

For pool managers, distribute the ‘Picks’ file to participants. Participants will fill out the file, click finalize, and return their finalized file to you. An error will pop up if the picks are not complete. There’s nothing worse than running a pool and trying to figure out the blanks!

When clicking finalize, a new file will be created in the same folder location where the ‘Picks’ file is saved. It will be named ‘WorldCup2018.xlsx’. That is the finalized file to be used and sent to the pool manager. Pool Managers, copy or move the tab with the participants’ picks into the Master file. The tab can be placed anywhere in the Master file.

Once you have entrants in the master file, click ‘Create Standings’ to generate custom standings based on your points system and participants.



You have the ability to enter a custom scoring system, as well as an option for the knockout stage: Credit picks only in exact location, or credit picks in any location. For example, assume you pick Germany to top their group and reach the quarterfinals. If Germany finishes 2nd in their group, and then advances to the quarterfinals, you can choose to award points for Germany advancing (any location), or not award points, because it is not the exact spot in the bracket (exact location).

As the tournament unfolds, enter the results of the tournament into the ‘World Cup 2018’ tab of the Master file. All standings will calculate automatically. That’s all you need to do!


Again, here is a link to download the World Cup 2018 Office Pool: DOWNLOAD HERE. This can also be picked up on our Downloads page at the top.

If you run into any issues with the files, please contact us! Also, if you enjoy the pool, be sure to follow us on Twitter @We_Global. Thanks for the support!




38 thoughts on “World Cup 2018 Office Pool – Excel Spreadsheets!

  • can you give me the password to unlock- the dates are to big for the columns and I want to add a company logo in aswell

    • Hi I’m sorry but we cannot provide the password to unlock the sheet

    • Are you on a Mac? Make sure you close out of Excel and then copy the finalized file.

  • When I click on “Create Standings” all the details (Entrant, GS, QF, SF, etc.) show up as #N/A…..any ideas as to what the issue might be?

  • Could you create an additional ‘Remark’ Tab which is not locked and not included in the formula for table standing in master file? It could be very useful to enter our own instructions or additional notes in there.

  • The sheets are protected so I can’t move the them in to the Master tracker.

    • Once you finalize the sheet and open the “.xlsx” file that is newly created, that workbook is not protected. You should be able to move the .xlsx file

  • So after I finalize and create standings, changing the Knockout Score Settings between “Exact Location” to “Any Location” has to impact on the standings.

    • Until there are results entered in the knockout stage in the ‘World Cup 2018’ tab, that setting has no impact. Once results are entered, that setting changes things.

  • Hi, when I click on create standings, I get 21p for first player and 11 for second player. If I calculate the points manually, it should be 20p vs 10p. Do you know why this is?

  • I’m also getting the N/A issue when creating standings. Problem appears after the 5th players is added. I never have problems with less than 5. I don’t think it’s specific to my files because I get the same problem, no matter what order I add the sheets. It’s always after the 5th guy.

      • I found out someone had an extra character in his red box. You should consider adding a protection against that when clicking on the finalize button.

  • How do you copy or move the tab with the participants’ picks into the Master file?

      • That option is greyed out and won’t let me. It says I need to unprotect the sheet?

        • You must finalize the picks sheet first. Close and reopen the file. You should have the option to move it. You don’t need a password

  • This is so confusing. Where do the files go once I finalize them? I cannot find them anywhere. The file path doesn’t show up

  • I have wasted so much time on this and I don’t understand how it works. Very confusing

    • what are you on about? I thought it is as follows:

      Round of 16*2=32
      Quarters 8*3=24
      Semi 4*5=20
      Final 2*7=14
      Champion 10

      A little bit perplexed though, how comes some people are scoring odd numbers while the tournament is still at group stage? I am convinced the excel sheet has a problem

  • Now that group A games are done, is there a way to get a preliminary standing. I would like to remove group B to H from current standings as they aren’t done their round robin yet.

    • Hi Hirme,

      We’ll implement that in the future, but unfortunately didn’t realize that in advance. You do need the 1-4 populated in order for the scoring to work

  • Hi, I am having issues as the file is not adding properly. I have two players that should be at 8 points and its showing 9 points. Also not sure the “any location” setting is working as I don’t see points being given for any location. Can you please help?

  • HI. Great pool thanks. A small problem. Just entered the final 16 and it’s giving me some wrong totals. For example one player is getting 16 points for GS (I have it set at 1 point per) even though he picked Germany (who r clearly out 8-). Any ideas why? Thanks for your help


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