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World Cup 2022 Pot and Draw Simulator

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will commence in November 2022. We have just completed the January/February 2022 international window and have just a few match days to play until the field of 32 is known. The final draw for the World Cup is scheduled to take place in early April.

We’ve received a lot of questions around what scenarios can move teams up and down in the 4 pots being used for the draw. We know that Qatar is in Pot 1 and many other teams are already locked in as top seeds. But there are still a lot of unknowns, and we decided to build a tool that will allow each of you to run things on your own and scenario test. Here is a view of our World Cup 2022 Pot and Draw Simulator.

You can get the file here: DOWNLOAD THE SIMULATOR

** PLEASE NOTE: The file does work best with Microsoft Excel on PC **

So what is available in our World Cup 2022 Pot and Draw Simulator?

  • All fixtures that could impact the rankings between now and the draw
  • Separate tabs for each confederation
  • FIFA Rankings built into the model
  • Simulate the rankings that will be used when the draw is conducted in April
  • Based on your 32 teams, simulate the final draw and see what potential groups could be.

We will continue to update the fixture list in this file as things change and will also correct any rankings behind the scenes. We are making the assumption that the two teams who qualify for the inter-confederation playoffs will be in Pot 4. FIFA has yet to confirm that, but if that does change, we will also update the file.

Please be aware that we are charging a nominal $5 for our World Cup 2022 Pot and Draw Simulator. Please let us know if you encounter any issues with the file.


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